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Astronomy 5610 (formerly ASTR 551)

Galactic Structure and Stellar Populations

Lecture Notes

Spring 2018

Copyright 2000, Axel Mellinger. From http://home.arcor-online.de/axel.mellinger/mwpan_aitoff.html.

WARNING: In the autumn of 2010 a malicious hack of the UVA astronomy web server resulted in the loss of all of the course materials (and backups) for this class, including the lecture notes, which are the product of two decades of development. And in 2015 the university shutdown our department web server, which required migration to the faculty.virginia.edu/ASTR5610 site. Thus this website is still in flux and you may find that some links and figures are missing. Use at your own risk. Please be patient while we work through this.

The lecture notes for ASTR 5610 will be posted here, usually the day of the relevant lecture, but some in advance. Most will be in HTML format for easiest retrieval over the Web, but you may need an Adobe PostScript or Acrobat reader for some material.

If you print out the notes, please use the department printers sparingly for this!! Some sets of notes will have good coverage of the lecture, but others will hit only the main points and some of the more important figures. You should plan to fill in the other presented material with your own notes.

Regardless of this generous posting of lecture material, you should plan on attending all lectures.

Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Fundamental Tools of Stellar Population Studies

Section 3: The Interstellar Medium

Section 4: Stellar Evolution and the Color-Magnitude Diagram Section 5: Simple Stellar Populations: Star Clusters Section 6: Simple Composite Stellar Populations Section 7: Chemical Evolution


Section 8: The Distance Scale Problem Section 9: Biases in Galactic/Extragalactic Astronomy Section 10: The Size and Structure of the Milky Way and its Stellar Populations Section 11: Age Dating Other Galactic Populations Section 12: Galactic Kinematics

Section 13: Milky Way Formation Scenarios Section 14: Stellar Population Studies with Integrated Light

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