International Workshop on Acoustic Activation of Surface Processes
January 9-12, 2013, Breckenridge, Colorado

Welcome to the web page of the International Workshop on Acoustic Activation of Surface Processes. The objective of the Workshop is to explore the prospects for developing new technology in ultrasound-enabled material characterization, structuring, and manipulation. One area of particular interest is to explore whether the deposition temperature of thin films processing can be lowered as a consequence of acoustic wave excitation. While the use of acoustic energy is found to be useful in a number of current technologies: e.g., dry laser cleaning and nondestructive evaluation of mechanical properties and surface defects, the ability of acoustic energy to affect key chemical and physical processes in thin film deposition remains largely unexplored.

To initiate a discussion in this potentially promising area, this workshop brings together experts in ultrasonics and photoacoustic phenomena, chemical vapor deposition, laser material processing and other film growth technologies, as well as experts in modeling and simulation of surface processes. The interdisciplinary character of the workshop is designed to facilitate exploration of novel ideas on acoustic activation of surface species such as, mobility, nucleation, byproduct removal, control over the reactive site density and surface defects, and other aspects of film deposition and growth. The workshop will also explore the practical side of acoustic activation of surface processes including methods for the generation of acoustic waves at all relevant frequencies along with the energy dissipation properties of these waves. Beyond thin film deposition, the discussion of innovative ideas on new technologies enabled by surface acoustic waves is also welcome.

The format of the workshop parallels that of Gordon Conferences, in that the lectures are given by invited speakers, there are no proceedings, and the results of the discussions will not be published. The intent is for an open discussion, to present the current understanding of the relevant research areas as it might apply to the goal which is to produce better quality films at lower bulk temperatures using the properties of propagating ultrasound waves to advantage.

A brief outline of the Workshop objectives and guidelines for the speakers can be found here.