ENMD 520 (spring 2000)

Peter Baker
228 Bryan Hall
Phone: 924-6651
E-mail: peterbaker@virginia.edu

The object of this course is, in the first place, to read Beowulf in Old English. A prerequisite for the course is ENMD 501, Old English, offered every fall. If you have taken an Old English course at another university, consult me to determine whether you are qualified to take ENMD 520.

A good part of our time will be taken up with discussion of problems that come up in the course of your reading. However, as you go through the poem, you will find that reading gradually becomes easier and problems come farther apart. As the term goes on, we will spend less time discussing Beowulf as a linguistic problem and more time discussing it as a work of literature.

There is just one textbook for this course: Bruce Mitchell and Fred C. Robinson, eds, Beowulf: An Edition (Oxford: Blackwell, 1998). Other books (to be posted soon) are on reserve. Work for the course will include one short paper (about five pages), due around the middle of the term, and a final paper, which for graduate students should be longish (twelve pages or more) and for undergraduates another short paper. You may make up your own topics for these papers, but you should consult me as you do so. There are no quizzes or exams.

Schedule of readings and assignments

(This is the 1998 schedule, not yet updated for 2000) 1. Thurs. Jan. 15--Introduction
2. Tues. Jan 20--ll. 1-52
3. Thurs. Jan 22--ll. 53-114 (62 lines)
4. Tues. Jan. 27--ll. 115-216 (102 lines)
5. Thurs. Jan. 29--ll. 217-300 (84 lines)
6. Tues. Feb. 3--ll. 301-455 (155 lines)
7. Thurs. Feb. 5--ll. 456-534 (79 lines)
8. Tues. Feb. 10--ll. 535-690 (156 lines)
9. Thurs. Feb. 12--ll. 691-769a (78.5 lines)
10. Tues. Feb. 17--ll. 770b-939a (169 lines)
11. Thurs. Feb. 19-ll. 939b-1029 (90.5 lines)
12. Tues. Feb. 24--ll. 1030-1201 (172 lines)
13. Thurs. Feb. 26--ll. 1202-1291 (90 lines)
14. Tues. Mar. 3--ll. 1292-1454 (163 lines)
15. Thurs. Mar. 5--ll. 1455-1544 (90 lines). Short paper due.

Spring Break!

16. Tues. Mar. 17--ll. 1545-1718a (173.5 lines)
17. Thurs. Mar. 19--ll. 1718b-1806 (88.5 lines)
18. Tues. Mar. 24--ll. 1807-1976 (170 lines)
19. Thurs. Mar. 26--ll. 1977-2066 (90 lines)
20. Tues. Mar. 31--ll. 2067-2236a (169.5 lines)
21. Thurs. Apr. 2--ll. 2236b-2327a (91 lines)
22. Tues. Apr. 7--ll. 2327b-2496 (169.5 lines)
23. Thurs. Apr. 9--ll. 2497-2586a (89.5 lines)
24. Tues. Apr. 14--ll. 2586b-2755 (169.5 lines)
25. Thurs. Apr. 16--ll. 2756-2845a (89.5 lines)
26. Tues. Apr. 21--ll. 2845b-3010a (165.5 lines)
27. Thurs. Apr. 23--ll. 3010b-3100 (90.5 lines)
28. Tues. Apr. 28--ll. 3101-3182 (82 lines)
Monday, May 4 Term paper due.

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