Troubleshooting the Old English Font Pack

What if:

You've downloaded one of the PC packages and now you don't know what to do with it?
The PC packages are archive files: you need to extract the files from the archive before you can use them. Good shareware programs for this purpose are WinZip and PkZip.

You've downloaded one of the Mac packages and now you don't know what to do with it?
The Mac packages are self-extracting archives; if you just double-click on the icon the files should be extracted. The software used to perform this magic is Stuffit from Aladdin Systems, and I recommend it highly.

You've tried those things, but the software still refuses to extract the files from the archive?
Probably the archive was corrupted in transmission to you, and you'll need to download it again. If you're using Netscape, try holding down the shift key when you click the link; if you're using Internet Explorer, get the file via the context menu (right-click or Control-click on the link and pick "Save as" from the menu that appears).
If you're trying to obtain the Mac version, try the Binhex versions. Go to the software directory on this web site and Control-click on the link for OE.TrueType.Mac.sea.hqx or OE.Type1.Mac.sea.hqx.

You've extracted the files, but when you try to install them Windows 95 tells you that they are not valid font files?
Some people have reported this error, but I've never managed to reproduce it. Make sure you're dragging only font files into the Fonts folder (they're the ones with "A" on the icon). If that doesn't work, try downloading the files from the Oxford Computing Centre rather than the U.Va. server. If you got the archive from Oxford, try getting it from U.Va. instead.

You don't know how to type those special characters?
You'll find detailed instructions in the on-line document that comes with the fonts.