Maurice Cox

Three main programmatic divisions aim to serve community members of all ages through eductaion [classrooms], fellowship [fellowship hall] and recreation [gymnasium].

The proposal maintains the front third of the warehouse building, preserving the historical character of the original facade facing onto West Main Street. By wrapping the addition around the rear of the site, a new central courtyard establishes an outdoor gathering space that will further reinforce an active community presence on Main Street.

The threshold established by the level change between sidewalk plaza and new courtyard mediates between the existing public and semi-public space. The resulting plinth condition honors the new courtyard and further established its role as a stage forrenewed community presence.

The fellowship hall is careful to maintain a strong visual and physical tie to the historic church. On occasion, the fellowship hall can be opened onto the courtyard to accomodate larger crowds in a merger of indoor / outdoor space.

As Main Street has developed as a series of layers over time, te addition seekd to establish itself as the newest layer. As such the street presence is one transparency, revealing not only the new activities occuring within, but also the existing annex facade existing beyond.