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Meet the Child Study Center!

Dr. Judy DeLoache: Lab Director

Dr. DeLoache has spent over 20 years researching early cognitive development. Her specific area of interest is the development of symbolic functioning. After a long career at University of Illinois, Dr. DeLoache established the Child Study Center at the University of Virginia.

Dr. DeLoache's webpage

Dr. Kasey Soska: Post-Doc

Kasey received his Ph. D. in Psychology from New York University. He has studied the development of object exploration, sitting, crawling, and reaching in early infancy. Starting as an undergraduate at Penn State University , Kasey has been working with infants and young children for the past 9 years.

Tony Byers: Graduate Student

Before coming to UVa, Tony received a BA in English from Wesleyan University, an M.Ed in Early Childhood Education from Boston College, and spent four years teaching kindergarten in Newton, MA. He is interested in young children’s learning from picture books and children’s responses to praise. Away for the lab, Tony enjoys yoga, cooking, and discovering the south.

Graduate Alumni

Dr. Cynthia Chiong: 2007 PhD Graduate



Dr. Medha Tare: Research Scientist at the University of Maryland

Dr. Megan Bloom Pickard: 2009 PhD graduate

Dr. Mieke Vanderborght: 2009 PhD Graduate

Dr. Patricia Ganea:Assistant Professor at Boston University

Dr. Ganea's webpage

Dr. Vanessa LoBue: Assistant Professor at Rutger's University

Dr. Lobue's webpage

Staff Alumni

Kathleen Sherman: Former lab coordinator



Undergraduate Alumni

Adrienne Schubert (DMP)
Amanda Grenell
Autumn Fuller
Alexandra Lee
Amanda Johnson
Carolyn Humston
Catherine Thrasher
Charlotte Jump
Christina Danko
Chyrstal Propst
Crystal Shin
Courtney Filippi
Cynthia Pantaleo
Dana Schawelson
Danny Drachsler
Elaine Galbraith
Ellen Gorski
Emilia Szachowicz
Emily Bean (DMP)
Erin Hallissy
Holly Singh
Iesha Samuels
Jennifer Bailey (DMP)
Joe Romano

Kanesha Simmons
Kara Morgenstern

Katie Ameringer
Katie Hudson (DMP)
Katie Kidwell (DMP)
Katie Spaulding
Keirstin McCambridge
Kristen Knecht
Lauren Hughes
Leslie Buker
Lindsay Doswell
Marissa Mosk
Megan Roberts
Melissa Kelly
Micaela Connery
Molly Garland
Nadia Islam (DMP)
Natalie Brito
Ning Tay
Patty Chang
Priscilla Khuanglawn
Robbie Oberholzer (DMP)
Sara Friedman (DMP)
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah Scott (DMP)
Stacey Jacobs
Suzanne Spatz
Themba Carr (DMP)

Please contact the CSC, if you were a former RA but do not see your name on our list. Thanks!

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