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The Team: Steve Rhoads, Charmaine Yoest, Mary Stegmaier, Chris Rhoads

Steve Rhoads, Prinicipal Investigator

Dr. Steven E. Rhoads, the project's principal investigator, has a long-standing interest in public policy issues involving gender. He has taught a course on sex and gender differences, policy and culture for a number of years. In Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets The Market, Rhoads examined the difficulties in mandating equal pay for comparable work through legislation and regulation--exploring developments in the European Community (especially the United Kingdom), Australia and Minnesota. His latest book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously studies why and how women and men are not alike.

Presentation to American Association for Higher Education


Steve Rhoads

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Charmaine Yoest, Project Director

Charmaine Yoest, the Project Director, is an Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellow in the Department of Politics at the University of Virginia. Charmaine's research focus is on domestic and international social policy. She is the co-author of Mother in the Middle, an analysis of work/family and child care policy and she is currently completing her dissertation, Empowering Shakespeare's Sister: The Politics of Parental Leave. In addition to her current research on parental leave and work/family policy, her Mellon Fellowship involves work on gender and the welfare state. As a recipient of Bradley, Olin and Kohler Fellowships, she has also done extensive work on tax policy, child care policy, adoption and welfare reform. As an expert on domestic social policy, Charmaine has provided testimony before the United States Congress and regularly provides political commentary in print and on television.

Paper presentation to APPAM, co-authored with Steve Rhoads

Paper presentation to the American Political Science Association, 2003


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Mary Stegmaier

Dr. Mary Stegmaier consults on the project's data analysis. In the past she has taught courses on "Women and American Politics" and "Economics and Gender." Her past research on gender has focused on the impact of democratization and free market reform on women's political and economic attitudes in Russia. Currently Dr. Stegmaier is an Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia and a Lecturer in the Departments of Economics and Politics.


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Chris Rhoads

Chris Rhoads is a data analyst for the Family, Gender
and Tenure in Academia project. His duties include
recommending and performing appropriate statistical
analysis on the data that has been collected, and
helping Dr. Steven Rhoads synthesize the results of
the current study with his previous research in the
area of gender and public policy. Chris and Dr.
Rhoads are collaborating on a paper summarizing the
results of their research tentatively entitled:
"Gender Roles and Infant/Toddler Care: The Special
Case of Tenure Track Faculty."

Chris is a graduate student working towards his Ph.D.
in Statistics at Northwestern University.





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