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January 30, 2004, Charlottesville, Virginia

Release of Institutional Survey Report

"Parental Leave in Academia"

Press Release


November 7-9, 2002, Dallas, Texas

Presentation to the American Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management, “What If . . . Parenthood wasn’t a Professional Peril on the Tenure Track? Must Academics Parent and Perish?” Charmaine Yoest and Steven E. Rhoads


March 16, 2003, Washington, D.C.

Presentation to the American Association for Higher Education, “Gender Roles and Gender Neutral Post-birth Policies," Steven E. Rhoads and Christopher H. Rhoads


August 28, 2003, Philadelphia, PA


Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, "Empowering Shakespeare’s Sister:
Parental Leave and the Level Playing Field,"
Charmaine Yoest


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