International Law

Syllabus and Readings


2009 Course Syllabus

Reading Assignments

Supplemental Readings Volume 1

Supplemental Readings Volume 2

Researching International Legal Issues by J. Sherer
Legal Regimes & Geomorphic Regions of the Ocean
Legal Regimes of Oceans and Airspace Area


Dates & Topics

I. The Nature and Sources of International Law

August 26

A. The Nature and Importance of International Law

August 31

B. The Sources of International Law

September 1

C. The Relation Between National and International Law

II. Foreign Relations Law of the United States

September 2

A. The Foreign Affairs Power: Presidential and Congressional Authority

September 7

B. The Foreign Affairs Process

III. Treaties and International Agreements

September 8

A. General Principles

September 9

B. Interpretation of Treaties

September 14

C. Breach and Enforcement: The Law of Material Breach and Reprisal

September 15

D. International Agreements Under United States Law: Conclusion and Termination

September 16

E. International Agreements Under United States Law: The Debate About Unitary or Dual Modes of Interpretation

IV. The Use of Force—International Law in Conflict Settings

September 21

A. The History of the International Law of Conflict Management

September 22

B. Law and Competing Theories of the Origin of Major War

September 23

C. Collective Security and the Role of the United Nations and Regional Arrangements

September 28

D. Case Studies in United Nations Peace-keeping and Peace-enforcing: Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia), Somalia, Haiti, Rwanda and Sierra Leone

September 29

E. The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Case Studies in Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello

September 30

F. Nuremberg and the International Criminal Court: International Criminal Law


******** Fall Break, October 5-7, 2009 ********

October 12

G. 9/11 and the Control of Terrorism

V. The Structure of Peaceful Relations: General Principles

October 13

A. Jurisdiction

October 14

B. Immunity from Jurisdiction

October 19

C. International Responsibility and Remedies

October 20

D. States, Recognition, and Self-Determination

VI. The Law of the Sea

October 21

A. Historical Background; The Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea and the 1982 United Nations Convention

October 26

B. Navigation, the Contiguous Zone, and the Regime of the High Seas

October 27

C. The Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Margin

*D. Seabed Mining and the Regime of the Deep Seabed (Including the Part XI Implementation Agreement)
*Review the suggested readings for this section on your own.

October 28

E. Piracy

November 2

F. The 2003-05 Debate About the United Nations LOS Convention and United States Adherence: Toward Senate Advice and Consent

VII. Human Rights and the Rule of Law

November 3

A. Background and General Principles

November 4

B. Case Studies: - Democide in Kampuchea - Democide (“Ethnic Cleansing” or “Ethnic Burial”) in Bosnia - Democide in Rwanda - Democide in Kosovo

November 9

C. The Copenhagen Document: Toward the Rule of Law and Principles of Democratic Governance

D. Community of Democracies

November 10

E. International Human Rights in United States Courts

VIII. The Environment and Common Areas

November 11

A. Background and General Principles

November 16

B. Marine Pollution, and the Rio Conference: Discovering Eco-System Earth

November 17

C. Common Areas: Antarctica and Polar Policy, and the Moon, Other Celestial Bodies, and Outer Space

IX. International Economic Issues

November 18

A. International Trade

B. International Development and Investment

November 23

C. Regional Economic Communities

X. Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

November 24

A. Background and General Theory


******** Thanksgiving Break, November 25-27, 2009 ********

November 30

B. The International Court of Justice

December 1

C. Case Study: The Decision of the International Court of Justice in Nicaragua v. United States

December 2

XI. International Law: Toward a New World Order

December 5-17