Oceans Law & Policy

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First Day Assignments

Fall 2017


Textbooks for Reading Assignments

Casebook: International Ocean Law: Materials and Commentaries (T. McDorman, A. Bolla, D. Johnston, & J. Duff), Carolina Academic Press, 2005  [at bookstore]

2017 Reading Supplements: Three volumes of additional, recent readings, and one volume of documents compiled by Professor Moore (available at the Copy Center)

1982 LOS Convention: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Agreement Relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, ISBN: 92-1-133522 (1997) (available at Bookstore)

Introduction to Oceans Law and Policy

August 30

I. The Goals of Oceans Policy: Community and United States Interests

A. Common (inclusive and exclusive) vs. Special Interests

B. U.S. Oceans Interests and Goals

II. The Goals of Oceans Policy: Frameworks for Analysis

A. A Basic Decision Model

B. The Role of Government (Problems of Market and Government Failure)

C. The "Common Pool Problem," " Externalities," and Other Relevant Tools for Analysis

Readings: No assigned readings for August 30