Legal and Policy Issues of the Indochina War

Advanced Topics in National Security Law

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"The legendary Ho Chi Minh trail" Vietnam Courier Vol. XX (1984)

"Broadcasting Benevolence: Images of the Child in American, Soviet and NLF Propaganda in Vietnam, 1964-1975" Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth Vol. 3 (2010)

Drenkowski and Grau on Soviet Evaluation of Operation Linebacker II

"The Viet-Cong Strategy of Terror," by Douglas Pike

Treanor on the Tonkin Gulf Incident

Turner Research Material on Viet Cong Assassination (1970)

Turner 1970 monograph on Viet Cong tactic of assassination written for U.S. Embassy, Saigon

Turner "How Political Warfare Caused America to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory in Vietnam" in The Real Lessons of the Vietnam War, 2002

Harry Summers, "Deliberate Distortions Still Obscure Understanding of the Vietnam War," Vietnam Magazine, August 1989

McNamara on Gulf of Tonkin--It Didn't Happen (video)

My Lai Massacre apology--interview by prosecutor

My Lai Courts-Martial, 1970

Vasey on Tonkin Gulf Incident, 2013

Vasey interviewed on Tonkin Gulf Incident (video)


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Veteran's Terminology and Slang

Paul & Phyllis Galanti Education Center at the Virginia War Memorial

Personal Legacy (Smithsonian Museum Exhibit)

NAM-POWs Page (maintained by Paul Galanti)

Myths & Realities: Study of Attitudes Toward Vietnam Era Veterans (1980)

Documents and Archives

Foreign Relations of US 1969-76: Vietnam, vol 6 (1969-70) [pdf file]

Foreign Relations of US 1969-76: Vietnam, vol 7 (1970-72) [pdf file]

Foreign Relations of US 1969-76: Vietnam, vol 8 (1972) [pdf file]

Foreign Relations of US 1969-76: Vietnam, vol 9 (Oct 72-Jan 73) [pdf file]

Vietnam WWW Virtual Library

National Archives

Vietnam War Bibliography (by Edwin Moise)

Links to Government Documents and Official Statements (GPO)

UC Irvine Southeast Asian Archive

Texas Tech University Virtual Vietnam Archive

Texas Tech University Vietnam Project

Documents: US Foreign Policy-Vietnam (Ferraro, Mount Holyoke College)


The American War Library

Battlefield: Vietnam (PBS)

French video of First Indochina War (YouTube)

The History Place: Vietnam War

A Look Back at the Vietnam War 35 Years After the Fall of Saigon

Legend of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

March of Dimes 2006 Global Report on Birth Defects

Stasi Aid & Modernization of Vietnamese Secret Police

Tay Ninh Provincial Reconnaissance & Phoenix Program by Finlayson

Vietnam War Resources

Vietnam War photographs

Map of Vietnam

Maps of Vietnam

Vietnam Atlas


Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum