Recent Publications

Walter, J., D.M. Johnson, P.C. Tobin, and K.J. Haynes. 2015. Population cycles produce periodic range boundary pulses. Ecography, in press.

Wayland, H., R. Manderino, T.O. Crist, and K.J. Haynes. 2015. Microbial pesticide application during defoliator outbreaks may reduce loss of regional forest beetle richness. Ecosphere, in press.

Hajek, A.E., P.C. Tobin, and K.J. Haynes. 2014. Replacement of a dominant viral pathogen by a fungal pathogen does not alter the collapse of a regional forest insect outbreak. Oecologia, published online.




My research focuses on how and why populations fluctuate across time and space. I use a blend of field experiments, analyses of spatiotemporal datasets, and theoretical modeling. I am particularly interested in understanding the factors influencing the spatial synchrony, cyclicity, and severity of forest-insect outbreaks.


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