Recent Publications

Walter, J., D.M. Johnson, and K.J. Haynes. 2016. Spatial variation in Allee effects influences patterns of range expansion. Ecography, in press.

Allstadt, A.J., A.M. Liebhold, D.M. Johnson, R.E. Davis, and K.J. Haynes. 2015. Temporal variation in the synchrony of weather and its consequences for spatiotemporal population dynamics. Ecology 96: 2935-2946.

Walter, J., D.M. Johnson, P.C. Tobin, and K.J. Haynes. 2015. Population cycles produce periodic range boundary pulses. Ecography 38: 1-12.







My research focuses on how and why populations fluctuate across time and space. I blend analyses of spatiotemporal datasets, quantitative modeling, and field experiments. I am particularly interested in understanding the factors influencing the spatial synchrony, cyclicity, and severity of forest-insect outbreaks.


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