Recent Publications

Hajek, A.E., P.C. Tobin, and K.J. Haynes. 2014. Replacement of a dominant viral pathogen by a fungal pathogen does not alter the collapse of a regional forest insect outbreak. Oecologia, in press.


Haynes, K.J., A.J. Allstadt, and D. Klimetzek. 2014. Forest defoliator outbreaks under climate change: effects on the frequency and severity of outbreaks of five pine insect pests: effects on frequency and severity of outbreaks of five pine insect pests. Global Change Biology 20: 2004-2018.




My research focuses on how and why populations fluctuate across time and space. I use a blend of field experiments, analyses of spatiotemporal datasets, and theoretical modeling. I am particularly interested in understanding the factors influencing the spatial synchrony, cyclicity, and severity of forest-insect outbreaks.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Graduate student position in population or landscape ecology available starting Fall, 2015. Send inquiries to Kyle Haynes.

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