Welcome to Professor Kwon's Laboratory

Our molecular & cellular engineering research focus on 1) modulation of protein aggregation associated with neurodegenerative diseases in vitro and in vivo, and 2) generation of novel therapeutic proteins and biocatalysts to improve human health and to secure sustainable energy.

News & Announcements

February 2014:
Jacob completed his PhD dissertation proposal.

January 2014:
Prof. Kwon gave invited seminars at Seoul National University and Columbia University.

January 2014:
Simpson accepted a job offer from BMS.

December 2013:
Simpson passed his PhD defense.

December 2013:
Prof. Kwon gave invited seminars at Yonsei University, Korea University, GIST, UNIST, and Seokang University.

September 2013:
Prof. Kwon gave a Department seminar at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Virginia.

September 2013:
Simpson's manuscript titled "Cis-suppression of protein aaggregation in mammalian cells" was accepted to the Biotechnology Bioengineering.

August 2013:
Prof. Kwon received a grant from Korea Carbon Capture & Sequestration R&D Center.

June 2013:
Briana James and Kelly Glitzos, undergraduate students at ChE, joined the lab for their summer undergraduate research.

June 2013:
Sung In's manuscript titled as "Site-Specific Fatty Acid-Conjugation to Prolong Protein Half-Life In Vivo" was published online in the Journal of Controlled Release.

May 2013:
Shun received a ACS BIOT travel grant at the 2013 ACS National Meeting.

April 2013:
Simpson completed his PhD thesis proposal.

April 2013:
Shun's manuscript titled as "Controlling Enzyme Inhibition Using an Expanded Set of Genetically Encoded Amino Acids" was published online in the Biotechnology & Bioengineering.

March 2013:
Simpson received a Eastman Chemical travel grant to attend 2013 ACS National Meeting.

February 2013:
Sung In's manuscript on Non-natural amino acids for protein engineering and new protein chemistries was accepted in Macromolecular Chemistry & Physics.

February 2013:
Shun received a SEAS travel grant to attend 2013 ACS National Meeting.

February 2013:
Ed and Jacob's manuscript on Halogenation Generates Effective Modulators of Amyloid-Beta Aggregation and Neurotoxicity was accepted in PLoS One.

January 2013:
Jacob and Ed's manuscript on Different Fates of Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid-beta Fibrils Destabilized by Biocompatible Small Molecules was published in Biomacromolecules.

December 2012:
Jacob and Shun passed their Master Degree defense.

August 2012:
Simpson received a Trane graduate research fellowship.

May 2012:
Edward received a SEAS travel grant to attend 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting.

May 2012:
Simpson's manuscript on monitoring misfolding and aggregation of proteins in mammalian cells was accepted to the Biotechnology Journal.

May 2012:
Simpson and Jacob's manuscript on monitoring aggregation of proteins in vitro and in living cells was accepted to the KJChE Journal.

April 2012:
Professor Kwon received the Front-Line Scholarship from the TEDMED.

March 2012:
Yong Wu, the undergraduate student of Kwon Group, recieved the graduate progrm admission from California Institute of Technology. Congratulations.

February 2012:
Abhinav Mohan, the undergraduate student of Kwon Group, recieved the Harrison Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations.

November 2011:
Sung In Lim, a graduate student of Chemical Engineering at UVa (MS at Postech, South Korea), joined the Kwon group.

November 2011:
Prof. Kwon received the James Lee Young Investigator Award from KIChE.

September 2011:
Shun and Jacob passed the research exam. Jacob received a Harmon Award recognizing a graduate student who showed an outstanding performance in the research exam.

September 2011:
Shun's manuscript on nonnatural amino acid incorporation was accepted to the Biotechnology Journal.

September 2011:
Edward's another manuscript on Alzehimer's disease research was accepted to the PLoS One journal.

September 2011:
Our paper titled as 'A safe, blood-brain barrier permeable triphenylmethane dye inhibits amyloid-beta neurotoxicity by generating non-toxic aggregates' was accepted to the ACS Chemical Neuroscience.

August 2011:
Our paper titled as 'Artificial extracellular matrix proteins containing phenylalanine analogues biosynthesized in bacteria using T7 expression system and the PEGylation' was accepted to the Biomacromolecues.

June 2011:
Simpson received a travel grant and UVEF graduate fellowship.

May 2011:
Prof. Kwon received a KSEA Young Investigator Grant.

April 2011:
Jacob A. Irwin, the rising 2nd year, received a 2011 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship.

April 2011:
Edward Wong went to the final round of UVERS 2011 competition and received 'Honorable mention'.

January 2011:
Our paper titled as 'An Evolved Adeno-Associated Viral Variant Enhances Gene Delivery and Gene Targeting in Neural Stem Cells. .' was published in Molecular Therapy.

December 2010:
Our paper titled as 'Dissolution of Zein Using Protic Ionic Liquids, N-(2-hydroxyethyl) Ammonium Formate and N-(2-hydroxyethyl)Ammonium Acetate.' was published in I&EC.

November 2010:
Jacob Irwin, a graduate student of Chemical Engineering at UVa (BS at Univ. Arkansas), joined the Kwon group.

September 2010:
Virginia international Genetically Engineered Machine (VGEM) undergraduate team received a bronze medal in the iGEM competition at Boston. Prof. Kwon was a faculty advisor.