Reasoning, Memory, and Law Lab


Research Assistant (RA) Opporunities

Do you want to get experience behind the scenes of psychology research?

Does the type of research we are doing interest you?

Are you hardworking, enthusiastic, and willing to learn?

If so, then apply to be a Research Assistant in our lab! We are looking for RAs for the Fall and Spring semesters

Note: We are currently full for the Fall 2004 Semester

What do you need to apply?

  • A good personality and a good work ethic.
  • Completed Psyc 305 and taken either Psyc 260 or Psyc 215
  • Be able to reserve 10 hours a week for the lab
  • Interest in the type of research we do

  • What do you do as a research assistant?

    As a RA in our lab, you will help us with all aspects of the research process from planning, designing, running, analyzing, and planning the next step. Your most important task will be helping us run studies, but you will also have other tasks along the way.

    How do you apply

  • Send an email of interest to Jeanine Skorinko at