ESL Indicators

Indicators of a Possible Need for ESL Support Services, including ENWR 107


* Pronunciation interferes with communication
* Reluctance to speak
* Excessive circumlocution (written or oral)
* Difficulty choosing correct words/labored response
* Problems with grammar interfere with communication
* Listener/reader forced to supply meaning
* Burden of communication placed on listener/reader
* In-class writing of lower quality than out-of-class writing
* Difficulty following instructions (written and/or oral)


* Homework assignments often not completed and/or turned in late
* Student requires an inappropriate level of attention from the instructor (in and/or out of class)
* Extra time required to complete in-class assignments
* Avoidance of interaction with the instructor and/or peers
* Reluctance to express an opinion
* Over reliance on a dictionary
* Over reliance on references
* Appearance of depression and/or stress/burn out
Assessment: The Center for American English Language & Culture (CAELC) administers the University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam at the beginning of each semester and by appointment throughout the year. The exam is used to determine the general adequacy of English language skills for variousacademic purposes. Any recommendations for further language study are based on the results of the exam. In the case of a student, results and recommendations are forwarded to the student's advisor and dean as well as to the student. CAELC staff administer the exam to faculty and visiting scholars for whom English is a second language by appointment. An appointment for assessment can be made by contacting the CAELC at 924-6166.

The University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam consists of three parts: a grammar and vocabulary test, an essay, and a brief interview. The exam usually requires about ninety minutes. Results and recommendations are available within forty-eight hours.