Grammar Book Recommendations for ENWR Classes

Many ENWR instructors require students to purchase a grammar/style/citation guide. A group of ENWR instructors recently reviewed writing handbooks for the Writing Program, and recommended the books that they felt had the clearest and most accessible language, the best sections for ESL students, and the most reasonable price.
These are recommendations, not directives: as always, ENWR instructors are free to order any books they prefer.
You can find copies of these handbooks outside Bryan 322B or you can request review copies from the publishing reps.
Recommended Handbook
Andrea Lunsford, The Everyday Writer ($32) ISBN: 0312399111
(Published by Bedford/St. Martins,

This is a comprehensive and accessible grammar guide, especially for the price. It also has an excellent ESL section. This version is spiral-bound with tabs, but Bedford also publishes a comparable, but more expensive, version with a standard binding (The New St. Martins Handbook, $42).
Recommended Alternatives
Toby Fulwiler, Pocket Reference for Writers ($15) ISBN: 0130285684
(Published by Prentice Hall,

*Note: This textbook (like all of Prentice Hall's handbooks) gives you free access to, a website for identifying plagiarism.
This handbook covers the basics at a low price. Though it uses relatively few examples and its ESL section is cursory, Fulfiler uses clear, accessible language, and the guide is easy to navigate.
Lynn Troyka: Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers ($40) ISBN 0130409642 (Also published by Prentice Hall,

*Note: This textbook, like the one above, gives you free access to
If it were not for the size and price, this would be our first choice for a handbook because it is both comprehensive and accessible. Despite a distracting layout, Troyka covers grammar and other sentence-level issues thoroughly and clearly.