Mid-Term Conferences

Individual conferences with students are required at mid-term. (You can cancel a class to make up for the time spent in conferences.) It's a good time to check in with students about their progress (if you aren't giving paper grades, you may want to give students some sense of their standing in the class, even if it's just high/middle/low). Here are a few easy techniques to talk about something other than grades.
Individual Missions
Ask students to bring with them to the conference a list of three things they want to change about their performance in class and three things they want to keep. Use the lists as the basis for the conversation.

Self-Evaluation Checklist

Distribute a form like the one below to students, during the class period before individual conferences. Take the time for students to fill it out in class (explaining that you want students to be honest, that this is your way to get a sense of what people need more practice with, not a grading tool). Collect the forms and use them as the starting point for conferences.


Please put a check mark next to any concept you don't understand. Please circle any concept you understand but have trouble putting into practice.
* claims stable context
* reasons destabilizing moment
* evidence associated consequences
* acknowledgment & response resolution
* warrants tangible vs. conceptual consequences