Nominalization Translation

Identify/Generate the principle
Time: 25 minutes

Find examples of nominalizations from the worksheet (good), from your readings (better), or from student writing (best). Distribute them to class and ask them to rewrite them so that the nominalizations turn back into verbs.
Scroll down for the worksheet and answer key.

Circle the nominalizations in each passage. Rewrite the sentences so that the nominalizations turn back into verbs.
1. In America today, innovation on the part of industry is a crucial component in its survivability.
2. If there is an increase in quantity or change in the items of inventory over the five years, there must be proof that there was no plan or intention on Abco's part to make such changes in anticipation of the partial liquidation.
3. During the 1920s, an American policy of nonrecognition prevailed. There was the feeling that there should be no dealings with communism. With prosperity at home and a strange experiment being conducted in Russia, there was no interest in recognition.
4. In Oracle there appears an exemplification of a prefiguring of the entire narrative; the result is a close correspondence between the Biblical account of the resurrection and that of the protagonist. Also is seen a degree of ambiguity in the treatment of the mythic materials—a reinterpretation of the sources so that the protagonist's subordination to the action involved in the creation of the dystopia results.
Answer Key:

1. innovation/survivability
American industry today must innovate in order to survive.
2. increase/change/proof/plan/intention/changes/anticipation/liquidation
If the inventory increased or changed over the five years, we must prove that Abco did not anticipate that the inventory would be partially liquidated and then plan or intend to change.
3. nonrecognition/feeling/dealings/prosperity/experiment/interest/recognition
During the 1920s, America did not recognize Russia politically. The Federal government (or politicians or Americans) felt that the nation should not deal with communism. As long as the American economy prospered, Americans weren't interested in Russia's experiment in communism.
4. exemplification/prefiguring/narrative/result/correspondence/account/
Oracle prefigures the entire narrative; as a result, the protagonist's resurrection corresponds closely to Christ's. Also, the author treats mythic materials ambiguously; she reinterprets the sources so that the dystopia's creation overshadows the protagonist.