ENWR 110: Template Syllabus

Writing 110: Accelerated Introduction to Academic Writing

This course provides instruction in formulating academic problem statements, developing academic arguments, organizing texts at the global and local levels, and controlling a range of prose styles. The exact number and length of papers assigned will vary from section to section, but students in all sections of ENWR 110 will write at least 25 pages over the semester. Many sections of ENWR 110 are loosely built around themes (e.g., "The Family," "American Icons," or "Community"). This thematic focus allows assignments to build on one another; students are thus freed to focus their energies on writing (rather than research) while learning how scholars ask, define, and solve academic questions.


Unit I: Argument and Persuasion

Intro: Making an argument vs. having an argument

Week 1: Parts of argument; warrants and presumption

Week 2: Making and supporting claims (Points; Issue/Discussion structure)

Week 3: Acknowledgment and response

Week 4: Argument workshops, Paper 1 due


Unit II: Academic Problem Statements

Week 5: Introduction to problem statements; conceptual vs. tangible problems

Week 6: Problem statement workshops, Paper 2 due

Week 7: Intro structure; preludes [reading day this week]

Week 8: Conclusions; intro/conclusion workshop


Unit III: Focus, Cohesion, and Style

Week 9: Actions; characters

Week 10: Old-to-new information flow, Paper 3 due

Week 11: Terms of art, passives, and person; short-to-long info flow

Week 12: Lexical ties [Thanksgiving break]

Week 13: Information anchors (linking new to old); pacing and style, Paper 4 due

Week 14: Workshops

Exams: Portfolio due