Claim Rank II (The Return)

Identify/Generate the principle
Time: 15 minutes
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A nice follow-up to Claim Rank I (surprise!). Put the claims up on the board (or distribute them in a handout). Ask students to rank them from least to most suited to an academic essay (that is, according to how well they fulfill the qualities of a good claim).

Share results as a class. (Generally, 3 ranks the lowest, because it just states a fact, 1 comes next, since it isn't terribly specific, 2 is next, since it has a strong point of view but is probably too huge for any undergrad paper; 4 is the strongest; it's surprising, debatable, and supportable.)

Variation: Write claims related to your theme.
1. The University of Virginia should create dormitories in which men and women are roommates.
2. The University's failure to create truly co-ed dormitories is less important than the larger problem of which it is a symptom: nationwide patriarchy and sexist oppression.
3. Beginning in the fall of 2003, men and women will be allowed to become roommates in the first- year dormitories.
4. The University's creation of co-ed dorm rooms will encourage more interesting, progressive students to apply to UVA.