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  About SPS: Weekly Meetings

Our meetings are at 1 pm on Fridays in Room 313 of the Physics Building. We have pizza, drinks, and a weekly speaker. Our speaker is usually the person giving the physics colloquium talk later Friday afternoon. Click here for the colloquium schedule.

SPS Announcements

  • Our 2014 annual report can be found here.

  • This link details the employers, by state, that have recently hired students with Bachelor's degrees in physics. This information can provide ideas to our physics majors regarding post-graduation opportunities.

  • "Distinguished" SPS Status: The UVA Society of Physics Students chapter was recently recognized as "distinguished," signifying that our chapter is in the top 20% of the chapters in the country. The letter of congratulations can be seen here. Our 2013 annual report is here (Thanks to Alyssa and Amy for putting this together!).

      Current Officers

    • President :             Mita Tembe  mt3pq@virginia.edu
    • Treasurer :             Janet  Rafner    jfr5mk@virginia.edu
    • Secretary :             Janet Rafner          
    • Sigma Pi Sigma President:           Michael Viray     mav4zy@virginia.edu
    • Sigma Pi Sigma Vice President:  Janet  Rafner       jfr5mk@virginia.edu
      Faculty Contact :   Craig Group       rcg6p@Virginia.edu

    Undergraduate Research opportunities:

    At UVa: For Research projects, contact Donal Day (nuclear), Craig Dukes (particle),  Robert Group (particle), Nilanga Liyanage (nuclear), Despina Louca (condensed matter), Dinko Počanić (nuclear)Cass Sackett (atomic), Stefan Baessler (nuclear) (during semester or summer), Blaine Norum (nuclear), Kent Paschke, Joe Poon (condensed matter), Work study at UVa, Radiology Physics Department, Mitchell Fellowship

    REU programs: Complete list (NSF), Caltech, Duke, Cornell, William & Mary, Michigan, Vermont, Hampton University, CWU.  In addition, there is a poster board in the floor, opposite to our reception, with more offers. 

    Other summer research programs: UVa's list (Center for Undergraduate Excellence), US National labs, e.g. ORNL (SULI), NASA (LARSS), Air Force Research Lab, Homeland Security, German universities (RISE), Virginia Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program (CSIIP)

    Contact one of the webmasters if you have more or updated information.

  • Useful Links:

    When quantum mechanics makes you want to pull your hair out, and lock yourself in a cube in Clem, take a look at this: Quantum Made Easy!

    Quantum Mechanics Simulations from the University of St Andrews

    Quantum Physics Tutorials from the UK Institute of Physics

    Sigma Pi Sigma Announcements

  • The First Annual Sigma Pi Sigma student/faculty mixer was held on April 17th 2014 in the Front Parlor of the Colonnade Club.

  • 12 new members were inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma on April 8th 2014. Congratulations to our new members!

  • The Third Annual Undergraduate Physics Research Symposium was held on November 1, 2013. Six undergraduates presented their physics-related research at the event. Topics presented are as follows:
    • Yekaterina Gilbo "The Role of Solar Wind in Magnetospheric Oscillations"
    • Alyssa Henderson "Non-linear Multi-dimensional Optimization for use in Wire Scanner Fitting"
    • Elton Ho "Noise Studies on Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes and Pure Cesium Iodide Crystals for the Belle II Experiment"
    • Ranjani Sarma "The Study of Neutrino Properties from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Sun"
    • Michael Viray "Variable Terahertz Transparencies of Different Plastics"
    • Sophia Xiao "Identification of Upward going Muons for Dark Matter Searches at the NOvA Experiment"

    Prizes were given to the best three presenters. We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance.

    • 1st prize: Yekaterina Gilbo
    • 2nd prize: Elton Ho
    • 3rd prize: Sophia Xiao

    We would also like to give special thanks to Prof. Robert Group, Prof. Kent Paschke, Prof. Olivier Pfister, Prof. Jongsoo Yoon, and Prof. Xiaochao Zheng for judging and providing feedback to our speakers at the event.

    For past Research Symposium results, click here .
    “ Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions."

    Updated: June 2014        Maintained by:  Mita Tembe, Craig Group, and Stefan Baessler