Tentative Schedule

Friday, November 10
3:30--4:30pm Check-in, registration, and coffee
4:30--5:20 Jongil Park A note on simply-connected 4-manifolds with b2+ = 1
5:45--6:35 Elisenda Grigsby A combinatorial description of knot Floer homology
in cyclic branched covers
Saturday, November 11
8:45am Coffee/tea and pastries
9:15--10:05 Clifford Taubes A Seiberg-Witten proof of the dimension three Weinstein conjecture
10:30--11:20 Yakov Eliashberg Madsen-Weiss theorem for 4-dimensional and other geometrically minded topologists
11:20am--1:15pm Lunch
1:15--2:05Denis Auroux Lefschetz pencils and the symplectic topology of complex surfaces
2:30--3:20 Peter Ozsvath On knot Floer homology
3:20--4:00 Coffee/tea and cookies
4:00--4:50 Ronald Stern Curing irregularity
6:30--7:00 Cash bar at Bon Ton Cafe
7:00pm Banquet at Bon Ton Cafe
Sunday, November 12
8:00--8:45am Coffee/tea and pastries
8:45--9:35 Peter Kronheimer Families of 4-manifolds
9:50--10:40 Margaret Symington Toric geometry on near-symplectic manifolds
10:55--11:45 Andras Stipsicz Exotic 4-manifolds and rational blow-downs