Scott Boerner

University of Virginia
Department of Microbiology
1300 Jefferson Park Avenue
Room 2-25 Jordan Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Phone: 434-924-5341 (lab)
FAX: 434-982-0689




Relevant Publications:

Martin, K.H., S.A. Boerner, and J.T. Parsons. 2001. "Regulation of focal adhesion targeting and inhibitory functions of the FAK related protein FRNK using a novel estrogen receptor switch." In preparation.

Slack, J. K., M. Zecevic, S.A. Boerner, S. T. Eblen, M. J. Weber, J. T. Parsons and A. D. Catling. 2001. Adhesion-dependent activation of MAPK in peripheral focal complexes. In Preparation.